Nil Kandemir, one of the young talents in Turkey was born in 1982. The designer graduated from Dokuz Eylül Biology Department in 2007, and during her education she took fashion design and pattern training classes in a special course. In 2008 she was accepted in Domus Academy Fashion and Design Master Program. After successfully completing her master’s program she worked a year with Doo Youn Jeoung as an intern who designed for Versace many years. 


After returning to Turkey she moved on her career working with Rojin Aslı Polat. In the year 2010 while working in Koton she entered Koza Young Designers Contest of İTKİB, she became first among the contestants and won the price. Subsequent to working a year in Park Bravo as a designer, she participated to the Design Realisation Program in London College of Fashion-Center for Fashion Enterprise as a scholarship of İTKİB.


Nowadays, she works for her own brand “Nil Kandemir” at her office in Fashion In Cube (Fashion Incubator Center) and meanwhile she serves as a consultant for several textile firms.